TMNT: The Last Ronin (The Game) - Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games -

TMNT: The Last Ronin (The Game) – Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games

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Who is the Last Ronin? In a future, battle-ravaged New York City, a lone surviving Turtle embarks on a seemingly hopeless mission seeking justice for the family he lost.

From the minds of the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and based on the best-selling comic book event by Eastman, Waltz, Bishop, Delgado, and the Escorza Brothers: the official video game adaptation of TMNT: The Last Ronin.

Coming to PlayStation®5.

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  1. I’m most of us know which Turtle it is, but I like that it’s looking like they’re keeping it a secret on who is the last turtle. It’ll make it extra special for the people who never read the comic!

  2. This looks so cool and exciting, I love TMNT and I've played several of the games (one on gameboy, one based off the 2007 animated movie, the wii one that was similar to smash bros, and the arkham-style fighting one, called out of the shadows.) But I don't have a playstation, and I just don't have the money to buy another console, so I really hope this game isn't a playstation exclusive, because it seems like more and more cool games are PS exclusive and I'd be really bummed if it was. Especially if it was a PS5 exclusive, cause I def don't have the money for that. I only recently even upgraded to the Xbox Series S, which is the cheaper one.


  4. I've yet to finish reading IDW TMNT Comics, the filler stuff is keeping me bored from getting into The Last Ronin arc

  5. Please don’t ruin the game this was a phenomenal comic very sad and dark

  6. They need to give Raphael a mission like the last one from halo reach for his death.

  7. Mikey becoming the master of all their weapons, which all symbolize what they need to work on. It shows how far he’s grown as a ninja, and as a person

  8. Okay, between this, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, I should probably start saving up for a PS5. Still need to grab a copy of The Last Ronin and read it. They have it in hardback at Walmart. I almost grabbed it the other day.

  9. Please don’t make this a cringe game make it something dark like the Batman games fused with Jedi fallen order a true masterpiece


  11. I hope this is dark. Very excited to see this game

  12. Seeing Nickelodeon's name on it gives me no hope because the comic is dark so they are gonna make it kid friendly which will ruin the game

  13. Give it to the studio that made ghost of Tsushima

  14. Seeing Nickelodeon and THQs name tied to a m rated game is really funny

  15. It’s obviously going to be a softer M rating like Arkham Knight. It’s going to be dark for sure but not gory

  16. We need this dark, I want to feel his struggle.

  17. Alright Last Ronin game has to commit
    I want an experience NOTHING like the other Tmnt Games
    I want dark, gritty, and mature
    Let's get negative

  18. watch how it turns into a mobile game turn-based piece of garbanzo beans

  19. 🤯🤯🤯🤯 we get to play the deaths of the 4 brothers 😢

  20. this is the most nothing trailer i think ive ever seen

  21. I’m still processing the fact that Mikey is the last One, and that he went as Dark as he did to survive…Mikey…The Party Dude…

  22. The only way to go is comic accurate. Like always they’ll twist it into something else, candles show real potential

  23. Yooo Ima get this on my ps4

  24. This was possibly the worst trailer I have ever seen

  25. I hope they make a DLC like last ronin: lost years. Well at least the Mikey parts. Maybe also have it in black and white for sensing mode like ghost

  26. What Nickelodeon is actually taking risks and making something that isn't SpongeBob or the loud house it's a miracle pigs must be flying it must be a full moon

  27. I've got high hopes for this one… though I am hoping it's not PS exclusive. Man, very sick and tired of console exclusives. I just don't appreciate being forced to purchase 2 different consoles if I want to play a certain game. They aren't cheap.

  28. Probably now my most hyped game after wolverine

  29. watch this get silently cancelled and we only hear about it 7 years from now

  30. I have a feeling it’s not going to be rated M especially after seeing that Nickelodeon logo

  31. I can not wait for this!!! Please do t mess it up! Follow me for a review!!

  32. It needs to be Xbox one s as well I need to play this

  33. Never seen a trailer of a game more clear in what is presenting than this…

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