TOP 10 "FEMALE NINJA" Super/FinisheR Moves in Fighting Games! -

TOP 10 “FEMALE NINJA” Super/FinisheR Moves in Fighting Games!

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  1. くノ一だらけのDOAから一人も居ないのか

  2. I have never seen any specials from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1, which had the best ones of the entire series… especially Temari’s hers definitely should have been on here

  3. My list

  4. いぶき挨拶してできた相手の油断に付け込んでるように見えて草

  5. There actually is a word for "female ninja" in Japanese: Kunoichi. And if you know any Japanese, try looking up the derivation of that word. It is hilariously stupid.

  6. 2:31 – Well Heart, what do you think of Konoha's Hyaku Bunshin no Jutsu, Konoha Special?

  7. My favorite dodn't makethe list too bad.Where is Kunumitsu

  8. Well as of MK11 it turns out Lin kuei aren’t ninjas so frost doesn’t count

  9. you know a female ninja is called a kunoichi, right?

  10. 2:03 wait… what happened? where is the game? i see only bouncing tits and ass ??

  11. Naruto game in this cetogory?why u not in bleach heat to soul 7 from psp

  12. I like the a big Chunk Li & Kitana fan myself.

  13. SF fan detected, there's no way Ibuki can top Mai or Taki

  14. “Focus and release” girl told me that the other day.

  15. 死或生系列中那么多女忍,而且霞还是主角,居然一个都没有上榜?

  16. Valentine's first moves are based from DIO?

    Because these are same moves from HFTF.

  17. "I don't hate you, I just don't care about you"
    – Taki

  18. I'm actually surprised that the female ninjas list had a female ninja from Naruto as an honorable mention

  19. I forgot Psylocke is a ninja.

    Also, I hate Konoha. She's talks too much.

  20. I know technically she was a wrestler but I liked Bloody Shadow in Rumble Roses. Also, her name was awful. Haha!

  21. I don't play street fighter, but I agree Ibuki's were most spectacular finishers.

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