Top 10 Greatest Samurai and Ninja Video Games Of All Time -

Top 10 Greatest Samurai and Ninja Video Games Of All Time
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For a closer look at our number one entry, head over to MojoPlays and check out The Greatest Samurai/Ninja Game of All Time!

Get your katanas and shurikens ready – this may get messy! For this list, we’re looking at the games that best fulfill that fantasy of being a samurai or ninja! Our countdown includes “Shinobi” Series (1987-2011), “Samurai Shodown” Series (1993-), “Nioh” Series (2017-), “Ninja Gaiden” Series (1988-2014) and more! Did YOUR favorite samurai or ninja game make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Can you do another one like this but knights?

  2. I feel this list was made just to put Ghost of Tsushima in 1st place

  3. Yes ,they add my favorite !!!
    Tenchu is underated ninja game . but are masterpiece !!!

  4. What? No Genji series honorable mentioned 😢?

  5. Just finished ghost a few days ago and tbh I was happy to finish it. The combat never changed after your 5th hour right up to your 50th. The mongol bosses were all gold armour clad idiots, none stood out. And the fact the story never changed weather you played stealthy or not. Its wasn't a bad game by any stretch but sekiro will be my no.1 for a long time.

  6. Way of the Samurai just an honorable mention but a simple beat'em up on the list? I'm disappointend.

  7. Ninja garden sekiro shinobi blah blah blah. Wheres "the messenger" on switch it's especially amazing.

  8. A new Shinobi game would be nice.
    A new Onimusha game, yes please.
    Tenchu, the time is now (the last one sucked.)
    I just started The Messenger.
    Samurai Showdown will always have a special place in my heart, from my Arcade days.
    OG Ninja Gaiden, frustration, but the good kind.
    Sekiro Shadows Die Twice (AAAAAHHHHHH!) I need to get back to recording it.
    Ghost of Tsushima Perfect.

  9. Onimusha>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else on this list.

  10. I’m surprised the Samurai Warriors series wasn’t an honorable mention

  11. I know it’s not for everyone but I wish Samurai Western was on this list.

  12. Turtles in Time. An honourable mention at least.

  13. So Samurai Warriors didn't enter the list huh…

  14. Wrong wrong wrong. Of course Ninja Gaiden is no 1. Shekiro is a game of "nothing, nothing, nothing, boss, repeat"..

  15. Days of the Blade sucked, but Dawn of the Samurai was a pretty good samurai game

  16. Tenchu series should have been higher.
    WotS series and Bushido Blade series should have been on the list not just an honorable mention.

  17. Does anybody else remember Afro samurai the game ?

  18. Katana Zero and Mark of the Ninja should be on this list

  19. Is this the way of sounding smart or something? No way ghost of tushima can Supras sakiro it is no where near sakiros fighting mechanics sakiro is on different level

  20. Is it cheating to a tmnt game on this list? Dynasty Warriors?

  21. When they tenchu is dark, it is DARK. Thanks to the ps1's low rendering power. Music score kicks ass though.

  22. Ghost of Tsushima is the only game I’ve earned platinum for enough said can’t wait till legends is added

  23. Was there really ever a question who was #1?

  24. Konami's Soul of the Samurai. PS1 hidden gem

  25. Throne of Darkness – Diablo with Seven Samurai Twist

  26. Shadow of the Ninja – NES 2Player hidden gem

  27. Needed to be 2 separate lists 10 isnt enough for samurai and ninja games

  28. Yeah thank you God I knew it ghost of toshima

  29. I am surprised anyone mentioned "The Ninja Warriors" and "The Ninja Warriors Once Again" games

  30. Disappointed not even an honourable mention for Samurai Warriors – got such enjoyment out of those games

  31. It's a shame that Senran Kagura wasn't great enough to make on this list. ☹

  32. Ninja shadow of darkness ps1.?! And no mark of the ninja weeeaaak

  33. Sooooooo… we're just gonna pretend like Ryu Hayabusa and the Ninja Gaiden franchise doesn't exist?! Cool, cool.

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