Top 10 Ninja Games - with Tom Vasel -

Top 10 Ninja Games – with Tom Vasel

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Tom Vasel lists his Top 10 games featuring Ninjas!

00:00 – Introduction
01:12 – Number 10
01:29 – Number 9
01:54 – Number 8
02:15 – Number 7
02:28 – Number 6
02:48 – Number 5
03:20 – Number 4
04:02 – Number 3
04:21 – Number 2
04:46 – Number 1

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  1. What about Yedo? There are definitely ninjas there! 🙂

  2. a bit of a stretch to include Ikusa but so glad to see that classic on any list these days.

  3. This list comes off like you just wanted to talk about Ninjato.

  4. Maybe don't do lists of things if most of your list ends up being exceptions or technicalities. I typically love these videos, but this was a fail. Tom clearly knew it wasn't good either. I'm not sure why it was done.

  5. I played Era of the Ninja at GenCon, about being ninjas trying to assassinate an enemy Lord. The board components could use a definite upgrade but it was really fun. It's by Mythical Eras of War Games.

  6. Yeah…maybe not such a good idea for a top 10 list…

  7. One of the most entertaining top 10's! I actually laughed out loud when you said #3! Your face! Hahaha

  8. So far not too much garbage about this list. That's cool. I enjoyed it, mostly because you knew and comment on the fact the list was poor.

  9. ja what is with Ghost Stories? and with Ninja Arena, a German Kick Starter with no Plastik

  10. I second 7 Ronin and Samurai Spirit.
    Also recently funded on KS: Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress.

  11. Shinobi wat-ah, and also Ninja Shadow Forged are neat ninja games that are worth playing.

  12. The best ninja games are the ones you don't see. So thematic you can't even find them on a shelf.

  13. If you really want to make a list, but struggle to fill it, maybe cut down on the total number of titles? A top 5 would have been plenty.

  14. So… Top 1 Ninja Game + 9 non-honorable mentions 😀

  15. Disappointing list. Wouldn't Samurai Sword be close enough to be considered or included in this list?

  16. Hey Tom, does the list really have to be a top 10? If you only find 8 good games, why not do a top 8.

  17. Doesn't Naruto suppose to be some sort of ninja with spernatural powers?
    There is Naruto Deckbuilder by cryptozoic and Naruto Shippuden the boardgame

  18. what about ninja all-star?
    I remember it was on kickstarter but never backed it, it has an average rating of 6.8 on BoardGameGeek tho

  19. Dead of winter has a ninja 😉 Go Mike Cho

  20. 7 Ronin
    Samurai Spirit

    I think the problem here is Tom just hasn't played ninja games.

    I'm not sure if Yashima would count, but that's another great Asian themed game.

  21. Thanks for not putting Ninja All Stars in this list. This game is terrible!

  22. maybe someone has said it, but I have always felt that the ninjas in Smash Up perfectly represent the ideal.

  23. I was preparing to be disappointed that the obviously best Ninja game was not going to be on the list and then it was #1. 🙂

  24. Tom, when is the last time you played our number 1 Ninja game?

  25. Probably should've made this a Ninja/Samurai list, unless you have enough Samurai games for a separate list.

  26. One of your Agents in Specter Ops is actually a NINJA. From suit to sword, you feel like a ninja when you use him too, especially if you choose his cards.
    Also Tom, thanks for the try at the video. I still enjoyed it. Also, Shadows of the Past is a great game, for sure!

  27. Are you kidding me!!??? Where is 7 RONIN o this list. A disgrace that it is not here when it IS available through Coolstuff
    Cmon TOM!

  28. Man. Not all these lists are winners but this one was really phoned in. Could we get back to real top tens!

  29. '…cause I want to talk about ninjas!'
    Made me chuckle, especially the almost Godfather like delivery.

  30. Face it, Tom. You are just doing a top ten list for every Smash Up faction. XD

  31. 7 Ronin, anyone? There's 50 ninjas in that game! Also, Shinobi Wat-aaa by Iello games

  32. If Ikusa made the list then Shogun would have been a better choice than many of these.

  33. NEXT top 10: best games that play in under one hour!!

  34. say bye to the villains is one of my favorites.

  35. Make some more ninja game, everyone loves ninjas.

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