Top 10 Ninja Games -

Top 10 Ninja Games

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While Ninja games isn’t a distinctive genre, those games are always great action and hack-and-slash titles. In fact, some of the best action games I’ve played has some badass Ninjas in them and they are awesome! the list of 10 Best Ninja Games is below.

00:00 Intro
0:17 Nioh
2:22 Shadow Warrior 2
4:23 Mark of the Ninja
7:08 Overgrowth
8:41 Kenshi
10:38 Aragami
12:55 Ninja Blade
17:19 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
20:04 Armed with Wings: Rearmed
22:17 Blade Symphony

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  1. Top 3 Best According to Me … Aragami, Metal Gear Rising, Blade Symphony

  2. I what is the ninja game called the was on the front of the video

  3. Overgowth is not a ninja game nor is kenshi

  4. Who's the guy on the thumbnail cuz I used to play a game with that character

  5. For missing Ninja gaiden absolutely disslike!

  6. Top 10 ninja games- Nioh with samurai character <facepalm>

  7. U don't know nothing its all non ninja games

  8. Wao overgrowth looks amazing! didnt know it existed…what about tenchu ps2 and sekiro ps4?

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