Top 10 Ninja Games -

Top 10 Ninja Games

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While Ninja games isn’t a distinctive genre, those games are always great action and hack-and-slash titles. In fact, some of the best action games I’ve played has some badass Ninjas in them and they are awesome! the list of 10 Best Ninja Games is below.

00:00 Intro
0:17 Nioh
2:22 Shadow Warrior 2
4:23 Mark of the Ninja
7:08 Overgrowth
8:41 Kenshi
10:38 Aragami
12:55 Ninja Blade
17:19 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
20:04 Armed with Wings: Rearmed
22:17 Blade Symphony

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  1. Ninja blade is one of the WORST games ever made…

  2. you have got to be kidding me:Ninja gaiden in thumbnail but no ninja gaiden in the list. If you wanted us to comment, there had to be a better way

  3. 2012 me gta vice city or god of war ke saath ka game tha ninja type wo nhi mil raha

  4. Kenshi is great, and it's cool to see some different games, I wonder how old you are though? In the late 80s/90s the best Ninja games were probably made (Strider, Shinobi III return of the Ninja master, Ninja Gaiden, and perhaps the best; Tenchu) I was fortunate enough to grow up with these

  5. Barely any ninja content and missing all the classics. If you like OG Ninja Gaiden, The Messenger is awesome!

  6. ninja, ninja gaiden, shinobi, ninja comando, assassin creed, splinter cell

  7. I guess having Ryu Hayabusa in the thumb nail only, means that he's the standard in which all these are compared to. Most are not even in my top ten. Where's Ninja Spirit?

  8. Whats this…?title said ninja….bro seriuosly u need add more ninja collection rather than samurai games it seem u re misundesrtood between ninja and samurai….

  9. No Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden, Tenchu nor Strider on the list?? Dude…

  10. Wao overgrowth looks amazing! didnt know it existed…what about tenchu ps2 and sekiro ps4?

  11. tbh Ninja Gaiden lowkey is one of the best ninja games in the world i still play ninja gaiden 3 in 2021

  12. Top 3 Best According to Me … Aragami, Metal Gear Rising, Blade Symphony

  13. I what is the ninja game called the was on the front of the video

  14. Overgowth is not a ninja game nor is kenshi

  15. Who's the guy on the thumbnail cuz I used to play a game with that character

  16. For missing Ninja gaiden absolutely disslike!

  17. Top 10 ninja games- Nioh with samurai character <facepalm>

  18. U don't know nothing its all non ninja games

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