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Top 10 Pirate vs Ninja Games

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Roy Cannaday, Joey Evans, and Chris Yi go through their Top 10 games that feature either pirates, or ninjas, or even the occasional both! Arrr ye ready kids! Aye aye, captain.

Joey – 4:37
Chris – 7:01
Roy – 8:27

Joey – 10:06
Chris – 12:30
Roy – 14:29

Joey – 16:41
Chris – 19:04
Roy – 20:45

Joey – 22:03
Chris – 24:29
Roy – 27:00

Joey – 29:20
Chris – 32:14
Roy – 34:41

Joey – 37:04
Chris – 39:37
Roy – 41:55

Joey – 43:18
Chris – 46:36
Roy – 49:09

Joey – 51:55
Chris – 55:03
Roy – 57:23

Joey – 58:50
Chris – 1:01:16
Roy – 1:03:04

Joey – 1:05:36
Chris – 1:08:48
Roy – 1:10:06

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  1. Mistitled. The video is not about games with pirates fighting ninjas.

  2. My favourite Ninja game would have to be Legend of the Five Rings, even though I've not played it in years and I never played the Scorpion Clan. Had a lot of fun with that until the edition changed. Favourite Pirate game? Neuroshima Hex. Yes there are Waterworld-style Pirates in the game now. Jetskis and crocodiles.

  3. How did no one out on the single best pirate game out there? Dead Men Tell No Tales is thematic perfection.

  4. I need Roy to stop smacking his clipboard on his leg.

  5. for the life of me, will the "Top 10 Top 10s" ever happen ?! 😋

  6. I was interested in Daimyo till I saw the 1st pictures of it. Looked like someone spilled their bowl of fruit loops on the table…

  7. Some great games on these lists. Feed the Kraken is among my favorites. I want to mention Kodachi, a push-your-luck deck building game that I've been playing a bunch recently.

  8. Chris needs to add Yedo to his catchapalooza list. Bonus is the deluxe edition is great.

  9. No Dead Men tell no Tales, is such a good game.

  10. Firefly and Maracaibo might be my favourites.

  11. LOL, Chris' humor is so professional, the timing is impeccable, shows in his editing skills also.

  12. I went from thrilled that libertalia was going to be back in print to not buying it when I saw the artwork. Chris nailed it, the theme is just lost for me with the artwork. So disappointing.

  13. I'm really on the fence about Libertalia. I own the original. I like the idea, but to me there are so many negative points I kind of feel beat down. Not sure that's fun, at least for me. Great video guys!! Thanks!!

  14. The problem with Dead Reckoning is that it costs too dang much to buy. Only ones I see are the Kickstarter ones that cost $300+.

  15. Roy continues to be my favorite on the Dice Tower. If I’m looking for game recommendations on DT I’m going to hin

  16. Thanks team! I enjoy these "odd-ball" top 10 categories. 🙂

  17. Ship Shape is very fun, especially if everyone yells "SHIP SHAPE" when they finish placing a tile!

  18. We need more Wendy painting videos! It's been months since the last one

  19. I like "Loot"/"Korsar" much better than "Dead Man's Draw". Yes, they are different kinds of games, but they're both small pirate-themed card games.
    I like it even more than "Skull King".
    You need "Loot"/"Korsar" with the old artworks from the German printing from 2002. It desperately needs to be reprinted with those old-style artworks and not with the silly childish artworks.

  20. Tiny epic tweezers…. Also Rum and Bones is an amazing pick…. Black Fleet anyone? How about Dead Men Tell No Tales? Oath of the Brotherhood? The card game Loot?

  21. 30:01 starts writing hate mail

    My takeaway is that we need more ninja games

  22. Despite Roy's statement, there is at least one ninja racing game, Ninja Squad. It has been a few years since I played it but from what I recall it was co-op sneak past guards to the objective, then a full competitive race to escape. Now if he had said there are no GOOD ninja racing games, I would not argue. (The game was okay)

  23. Great list! And yet again Joey is correct – Dead Reckoning is king!

  24. I love Dead Men Tell No Tales. In fact, when we were culling down to only 3 versions of Pandemic, it was clear we were keeping the original (plus expansions) and Iberia. And I said, "Well clearly the third one should be Dead Men Tell No Tales." And my wife instantly agreed with me.

    Also, I would have put Ninja Dice on my list (in the original Ninja zip-up cube with the location cards!)

  25. You can’t talk about smash up on the dice tower and not regale everyone with the story of Sam beating that teenager…

  26. I enjoy Shiver Me Timbers. Pretty much Sid Meier's Pirates! the board game.

  27. Plunder: A Pirate’s Life is a fun time with some house rules to make it a much better (and shorter) game

    Lots of house rules and variants posted on Reddit and BGG

  28. Shiver me Shurikens, this be a fine list matey to flip out on.

  29. shiver me timbers, pirates cove, treasure island, pirate republic, sea of clouds…I feel like specter ops has ninja like characters enough to include it

  30. My favorite games in this theme:
    Starship Catan (because space pirates are still pirates): My favorite Catan game and my favorite Kosmos 2-player game.

    7th Sea CCG: Very strong multi-player CCG with an excellent application of theme. Does swashbuckling adventure brilliantly.

    Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Probably the best multi-player CCG. Excellent art, deep gameplay, one of my top games ever.

  31. Hmm. Of my games, Jamaica kind of fits the bill. Dead Men Tell No Tales definitely does.

  32. Just starting the vid. Really hoping to see Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North with the "Easter Egg" Ninja worker meeple.

  33. It's a shame this list came out before Pax Hispanica released

  34. My favourite would have to be Unfair. It brings together Pirate and Ninja theme parks and definitely allows for some cut-throat action (if you want it) as well as burying cards for points!

  35. I think it would be more appropriate for the Title of this video to be "Top 10 Pirate Games vs Ninja Games"

  36. I never thought abot Yedo in comparison to Lords of Waterdeep. Both games have a rather different vibe in my opinion but reconsidering it … nope, still different to me. But i like them both😊

  37. I'm disappointed no one had the conviction to put Cosmic Encounter on their list

  38. Nice that you have the worlds best rum in the Feed the Kraken picture.

  39. Nice list! And a very entertaining video overall!
    My only spontaneous additions would be:
    – Treasure Island: It's just awesome!
    – Jolly Roger: The Game of Piracy & Mutiny: Not the best game in the world, but it CAN lead to very fun sessions and whenever it does it is VERY "pirat-ey".
    – Xia: Legends of a Drift System: because being a space pirate has to count, right? RIGHT? 😀

    All the good ninja games that come to mind for me have been mentioned in the video.

  40. Damn! That looked like it was a difficult list to put together… @Mike Good job, it made me laugh! it’s still good to see mike is there or at least still involved…

  41. Hey! Heres a pretty cool fact – Roy from The Dice Tower did a voice in Forgotten Waters!

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