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Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Games
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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: god we love being a turtle! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Games. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

For this list, we’ll be shell shreddin’ it up with the one who leads, the one who does machines, the cool — but crude — one, and, of course, the party dude. We’ll only be looking at games that have already been released, even if the trailer to a certain new turtles game looks pretty radical. With that said, it’s time to unleash the turtle power!

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  1. I love the detail of NY. It warms my heart to see the world trade center. It's featured in a few TMNT games and the movie. Well, the original movie. I'm a lifelong fan and never watched Michael Bay's version and I have no desire too lol. Walmart has been having TMNT cartoon seasons in the $3.50 DVD bin I'll stick to that haha and pizza of course!

  2. I remember playing a TMNT game on the Xbox it was AWESOME!!!!!🎮🐀🐢🐢🐢🐢

  3. I chose to watch this video because I wanted to see if there are any cool-looking TMNT games that I've missed. I'm happy to say that I've played them all. #RealTurtleFan

  4. Top 3 is the only correct top 3, though personally Manhattan Project is my personal fav

  5. Almost a perfect list. Just make #2 the #1 and boom perfect list, The Arcade Game is by far the best not even a contest

  6. I agree with this list. 👍
    There’s no beating Turtles in Time!
    Definitely deserves the number 1 spot of the greatest TMNT game of all time! 🐢🐢🐢🐢

  7. I just watched a video of #9 being beat in 22 min on YouTube.

  8. I put this on Twitter
    But I'll say it here too
    They NEED to make a tmnt video game just like the batman Arkham games
    But you can play as any turtle any time each with their own specialties
    And then have online co-op capabilities where you all could be at any part of the map fighting or solving crimes or just doing whatever
    So many ideas…

  9. Come on what is wrong with you. Battle nexus and out of the shadows should be there and mutant nightmare should be part of the actual list.

  10. for once watch mojo had a solid list…that's pretty rare… Turtles in time the arcade game is by far the best one…

  11. No actually the best TMNT game in my personal opinion was the arcade game since you can get all 4 Ninja turtles to play at the same time. The 4 player option where you where able to fight together with your friends is what made it the best game in TMNT history.

  12. Rocksteady should make a dark tmnt game arkham style

  13. Yes!!! I knew it! Turtles in Time is the best!!!

  14. TMNT Smash Up should be number two. I agree with number one though 🙂

  15. Wish The Arcade Version Was On Xbox Live or PlayStation Store Same With The Turtles In Time and Hyperstone Heist

  16. Disagree big time original arcade part 1 is number one over turtles in time should be number two

  17. Turtles In Time!!! The all time great!!! 😊😆😃🤗

  18. For me it's 50/50 between the first arcade game and Turtles in Time. Perfection

  19. iam also playing turtles in time

  20. Hyperstone heist nr.2
    Turtles in time nr.1
    The rest i leave up to you …..

  21. 5. The Hyperstone Heist
    4. Tournament Fighters (SNES)
    3. Manhattan Project
    2. The Arcade Game
    1. Turtles In Time

  22. I gotta say, the original TMNT is still in my top 3. If you didn't beat it, you don't deserve to play the other titles.

  23. I think I commented on this video before, but I love it! However…I gotta put 1989 tmnt arcade at #1 by a mile. It's the picture perfect tmnt game!

    Also the arcade game released in 2017 is a great addition!

  24. The only thing that should've been given to the TMNT is original signature moves like the ones shown in Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho.
    I know it's an anime thing but TMNT still represents Japanese pop-culture.

    Even the video games would've stood out if the character did have original signature moves such as TMNT: Tournament Fighters.

  25. I've beaten that one. Now you can say you know someone who has.

  26. Why did you show the title card for the NES version of TMNT 2 The Arcade Game, but then show gameplay for the actual arcade game?

  27. Abdoulkarim BANDA TMNT POWER NINJA TURTLES Banda says:

    Turtles In Time Was My Favorite Ninja Turtles Video Game

  28. They need to release a collection with all these games together!

  29. Hey what if the ninja turtles get their own video game series with a story, combat skills, and map from marvel’s Spider-Man and comic book loyalty and boss fights from Batman Arkham games?

  30. Back from the Sewers and Turtles in Time are still my personal favorite, since i not only like the gameplay, but also the music, especially the boss themes.

  31. My most favorite TMNT games were TMNT: Out of the Shadows, TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare, TMNT 2: Battle Nexus, and of course my top 2 are TMNT: Tournament Fighters SNES version, and TMNT: Turtles in Time. Fun fact you can unlock a playable emulated port of the arcade version of TMNT: Turtles in Time in TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare you unlock it after completing the entirety of the first episode.

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