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Top 10 Video Game Ninjas
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Top 10 Ninjas in Gaming

Ninjas require stealth, strength and a mastery of weapons. WatchMojo lists the ten best Ninja characters in video game history.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Strider Hiryu “Strider Series” (19891999)
#9. Zool “Zool Series” (19921993)
#8. Ninja “I Ninja” (2003)
#7. Goemon “Goemon Series” (1986)
#6. Jago “Killer Instinct Series” (19941996)
#5. Kasumi “Dead or Alive” (1996)
#4. Scorpion and SubZero “Mortal Kombat” (1992)
#3. ?


  1. Why are the Ninja Turtles even on this list. They didn't originate from video games which means they don't classify as video game characters. That's how this works!!!

  2. what about shinobido , way of the ninja? dislike the video

  3. The only time this channel got the number 1 spot correct

  4. I would like to point out that Joe Musashi was in the original Shinobi games while Hotsuma was the one in the PS2 release.

  5. i think you should change title to Top Ten Ninja Character On Video Games
    And The Big Mistake On This List Is You didn't put Tenchu Character On This List

    Very Very Big Mistake

  6. Shinobido Way Of The Ninja – PS2
    Shinobido Tales Of The Ninja – PSP
    Shinobido 2 Revenge Of Zen – PS Vita
    Red Ninja End of Honor – PS2/Xbox Classic
    Shinobi – PS2
    Nightshade – PS2
    Ninja Gaiden 2 – Xbox360/Ps3
    Ninja Gaiden – Xbox Classic/360/Ps3
    Ninja Gaiden 3 – Xbox360/Ps3
    Ninja Gaiden Classic 1,2 and 3 – Nes/Snes
    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – Xbox 360/Ps3
    Nioh – Ps4
    Mark Of the Ninja – Xbox 360/Ps3/Switch
    Aragami – Xbox One/Ps4/Switch
    The Revenge Of Shinobi – Mega Drive
    Shinobi 3 Return of the Ninja Master – Mega Drive
    Shadow Dancer – Mega drive
    Tenchu Shadow Assassins – PSP/Wii
    Tenchu Z – X360
    Tenchu Fatal Shadows PS2/PSP
    Tenchu Time Of The Assasins – PSP
    Tenchu Wrath of Heaven – Ps2/Xbox Classic/PSP
    Tenchu 2 Birth Of The Stealth Assassins – PS1
    Tenchu Stealth Assassins – PS1
    Onimusha Warlords – PS4/Switch/XOne/PS2/Xbox Classic
    Onimusha 2 Samurai's Destiny – PS2
    Onimusha 3 Demon Siege – PS2
    Onimusha Dawn of Dreams – PS2
    Shadow Blade Reload – PS4/XOne/Wii U
    Way Of The Samurai – PS2/PSP
    Way Of The Samurai 2 – PS2/PSP
    Way Of The Samurai 3 – PS3/X360
    Way Of The Samurai 4 – PS3
    Genji Dawn of the Samurai – PS2/PS3
    Blood Will Tell – PS2
    Muramasa The Demon Blade PS Vita/Wii/Wii U
    Toukiden Kiwami – PSP/PS Vita/PS4
    Toukiden 2 – PS Vita/PS4/PS3
    Toukiden The Age Of Demons – PSP/PS Vita/PS4

  7. Where is rikimaru and ayame from Tenchu wrath of heaven

  8. This is L again Now Watchmojo should make a Top 10 list of Kunoichi Ninjas in Video Games and on Animes some of you Ninja Fans and Gaming Fans would have to agree with me on that idea what Watchmojo should do on that.!? (>v<) (*v*) (^v^) 🙂 ♤♡◇♧

  9. do a list of top 10 non-ninjas characters in fighting games

  10. I don't' know this name game, but it shows a ninja going around and using shurikens to throw stuff. and its a 2d game
    can anyone tell me the name?

  11. Hey where is Episo the chameleon from Sonic The Hedgehog series

  12. I was finding raiden from metal gear but nahh

  13. How can a Tibetan Monk be a Ninja!?

  14. Kasumi's job is to avenge the death of her older brother?

    too sad Hayate never died, it's not what happened, well done trashmojo

  15. My top 10 ninja games ever ( «still awaiting»s are Tenchu series that might come in a future).
    10. Red ninja end of honor.
    9. Still awaiting.
    8. Still awaiting.
    7. Tenchu time of the assasins.
    6.Tenchu shadow assasins.
    5. Tenchu senran.
    4.Tenchu stealth assasins.
    3. Tenchu fatal shadows.
    2. Tenchu wrath of heave.
    1. Tenchu birth of the stealth assasins.

  16. Sub Zero is not a ninja!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Greninja wasn’t on here because of WHEN THE VIDEO WAS RELEASED!

  18. I knew it!!!!!

    I knew it about Ryu Hayabusa is on the top spot

  19. No Rikimaru? That fact alone just makes this list trash. 😂

  20. You forgot night cap From the PvZ franchise!

  21. Right now there should be Asuka from Senran Kagura

  22. Shumon Abdullah’s Channel of funny Videos says:

    Hotsuma from Shinobi 2002 should’ve been on this list

  23. Justice for yoshimitsu from tekken series 🙌

  24. Hey what happened to Kayede from Onimusha?

  25. I really missed the host in watchmojo.
    What's his name?

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