TOP 20 "NINJA" Super/FinisheR Moves in Fighting Games! -

TOP 20 “NINJA” Super/FinisheR Moves in Fighting Games!

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TOP 20 “NINJA” Super/FinisheR Moves in Fighting Games!
12-11)- Hanzo Hattori, Galford Weiler – Samurai Shodown V Special, VI
10)- Strider Hiryu – Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
09)- Bandeiras Hattori – The King of Fighters XIV
08)- Chipp Zanuff -Guilty Gear Xrd Rev.2
07)- Bang Shishigami – BlazBlue: CentralFictioN
06)- Raven & Yoshimitsu – Street FighteR X Tekken
05)- Yoshimitsu – Tekken 7, Soul Calibur VI
04)- Answer – Guilty Gear Xrd Rev.2
03)- Zeku – Street Fighter V Arcade EditioN
02)- Guy – Super/Ultra Street FighteR IV, SFIV
01)- Scorpion x Sub Zero – Mortal Kombat (2011), DeceptioN


  1. Nice list but I'm surprised that Ibuki from 3rd strike wasn't on it. She was an amazing character with great moves.

  2. Hattori hanzo had the best super in my opinion the first time saw his super in samurai shodown 5 I cringed so hard

  3. Yoshimitsu needs his own game. A stand alone saga for him. He has much potential being that no one knows his true backstory. He's A boundary breaking potentially third wall shaking character. He's like the Marvel Deadpool version of Tekken in terms of mischief and wackiness but still very deadly😬 His diverse body types and weapons are limitless. Being that the guy is something different in every game he could be A bug, robot, demon or undead zombie, all we know is he's Yoshimitsu. You could make him into whatever you want and no one would even asks questions as to what he is. His weapons can derive from A sword, gun, bow and arrow, A decapitated Jack arm cannon from tekken, alien gun slinging octopus or even A old lady in A shoe if you wanted. I mean this guys is even stealing people souls in the new Soul Calibur. Yoshimitsu is just the right blend of wackiness, mystery, and deadlyness all needed in A great video game protagonist!

    If the efforts are well placed he could indeed stand toe to toe with great hack and slasher like Ninja Gaiden, Ghost of Tsushima Metal Gear Rising or one of my old favorites Shinobi. He's in Soul Calibur Tekken and even has slashed his way into Street Fighter… This guy is A amazing very well known character who can stand alone easily. Again no one asks questions as to what he is or what he can do. We just press on our controllers back and low punch repeatedly till he and ourselves stagger blissfully into that of the Yoshimitsu. Let's goooo make this happen he's such A exciting character and totally worth it✊. And if you struggle with naming the game, just name it YOSHIMITSU no one will ask questions 😂😂😂

  4. If this list was updated, it would include MK11 as well, for Subzero and Scorpion. Of course, this list was posted before the release of MK11.

  5. Came here to root for Samsho IV Hanzo’s special. Disappointed.

  6. Hanzo, Galford and Strider should have been higher on this list. Good video though

  7. Soooo never played ANY Naruto game huh? All these doppleganger entries and not one Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu… riiight

  8. Never played guilty gear but the graphics look fire

  9. A ninja with a giant nail as a weapon… They can be really weird and stupid at times

  10. Alguém sabe os nomes de dadá jogo que está nessa vídeos para eu baixar e jogar curto jogos de luta muito top este vídeo.

  11. Never even heard of some of these games lol

  12. Les falto Ryu Hayabusa en Dead or Alive

  13. Hattoria hanzo,…. wariniyari…

  14. Where is Bakuryu from Bloody Roar?

  15. Good sélection but scuse me… i’m not totaly agree… were is bakuryu in bloody road?

  16. Y donde queda Andy Bogard y Hokutomaru?

  17. Guy's ultra combo in Street Fighter 4 looks much better than that stupid raging demon

  18. If only Snk can bring back Eiji even though boyh him and Capcom Strider Kinda look alike by there clothing.

  19. wowed by this! Allen snider and Blair were characters on street fighter ex plus alpha so were cracker jack, skullomania, garuda, d.dark, asura, pullum purna, and kairi. fun fact! Allen lost to ken in the regional finals so he's on a strong rebound for a rematch. pullum purna is rogue of power stone's ultimate power up!

  20. Me gustó que incluyó a blaze blue y a guilty gear

  21. No bakuryu from bloody roar and hayabusha?

  22. モータルコンバット?なんかただただ不愉快なトドメですねw

  23. Yoshimitsu tekken and soul calibur is awesome

  24. And….? Bakuryu from Bloody Roar , it was a great fighting game 😔

  25. Let's be honest. None of street fighter belongs on this list. Zero

  26. this sucks, Scorpion and subzero do not deserve to be the number 1, their finisher moves not like' a ninja

  27. RZA in the “Wu Tang: Shaolin style” game should’ve been here too

  28. Are you ever going to do a list for characters with a dominatrix theme?

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