Top 5 games that have the best ninja combat and mechanics -

Top 5 games that have the best ninja combat and mechanics

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If you are a fan of legendary ninjas, you are in for a treat. Today I will introduce to you 5 games that feature some of the most amazing and awesome ninjas in gaming history. Whether you like stealth, action, or comedy, these games will satisfy your ninja cravings. So without further ado, let’s get on with the video and check out these 5 ninja games that you can’t miss.
00:00 Introduction
0:14:11 Lost Soul Aside (Unreal Engine 5)
1:49:18 Project DT (Unreal Engine 4)
3:27:05 Enenra (Unreal Engine 5)
5:11:26 Where Winds Meet (Unreal Engine 4)
5:11:26 Code To Jin Yong (Unreal Engine 5)

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  1. "The game has a realistic physics system" He said that while jumping 3 times in mid air, pulls out a bow and basically hovers mid air while aiming.

  2. "Ninjas."

    Lol, none of this is remotely "ninja" like. You want a proper ninja experience, try some Sekiro or Tenchu.

  3. I will never understand why they confuse Chinese culture with Japanese. Except for Enenra, which can be a ninja style although it would lack stealth, the rest of the games presented in the video do not have ninja combat mechanics. Lost Soul Aside is a hack and slash due to its fast movements and combos in the best devil may cry style, project DT is another similar game and until now nothing more is known about it and there was no updated news, and with respect to the last game where winds meet, is a game based on the wuxia genre, they are works typical of china where they tell fantasy stories in a world of warriors trained in martial arts. So these games have nothing to do with Japanese culture, and they are not even games based on shinobi fantasy.

  4. Mine…nah nah nah nah nah…told you your not the one…

  5. Enenra reminds me a lot of Metal Gear Revengeance. I’d think it was a sequel if I didn’t know better

  6. Seriously Lost Soul Aside FFXV? I thought it was FFVII and DMC reference when Bing Yang was asked 😂😂

  7. Best wuxia style games. No ninjas in sight man.

  8. Wonder if he’s pronouncing that name right in the first game 😂

  9. none of these games are coming out in the next 2 to 3 years.

    it sucks , why even show me.

    the only one that made out of game prejudice and racism was the only 1 Black Myth Wukong #1.

    next summer 2024 it will finally be here

  10. Why does your voice sound AI, and where is sekiro?

  11. Can you people start saying what platforms these games are coming for? That's so annoying man. What system are these coming to?????

  12. Enenra is also made in Unreal Engine ,im following the guy channel and progress!

  13. Hello. Asalam. Shalom. Salute. Sorry, I not look's this not theme game's Ninja… 😡😳
    Здравствуйте. Не знаю кто как, а лично Я тут не увидел не одной игры на тему Нинзя. 😲🤔

  14. some cool looking games but nothing to do with ninjas lol, maybe just say stylised Martial Arts next time…

  15. There are neither ninjas nor shinobi in "China" only wushu warriors, come on didn't either Where Winds Meet and Wo Long properly show that already? So, how many proofs do you need to understand it? 😑

  16. Unreal engine got the best Graphics for Gaming

  17. Why the perceiver is not among these games?

  18. no ninjas combat mechanics…unless you're referencing the ninja gaiden games that were not released in the NES.

  19. 6:15 Triple jumping and slowing down time mid air to shoot, then jumping once again, "The game has realistic physics system that affects combat and the environment."

  20. The last game reminds me of Bujangai on ps2

  21. Code to Jin yong there is new information

  22. I am currently developing my new open world stealth action rpg, I just released my official cinematic trailer please support the project with a simple subscribe like and share, its just me working on the game at the moment. I will be releasing a sneak peek presentation at the early development of the game soon.

  23. Some of these games are not about Ninjas but focus on Wuxia instead.
    A good Ninja game is: Tenchu Stealth Assassins.

  24. Can we even use our device to play this games

  25. Best ninja game ever was tenchu z, i really miss that game

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