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Top Ten Video Game Ninja

The Green Scorpion
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Thumbnail Art by Sheikah Arts!!!

Thank you Gaijin Goombah for the inspiration!!!

NOTE: I am NOT an expert. If I get any details in this video wrong, please forgive me!

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  1. Honorable mention to the Ninjas from Shadow Tactics.

  2. Dude, Mark of the Ninja is SUCH a fun stealth game. I replayed it like 10 times and 100% it. Its SO GOOD

  3. my favorite ninja is probably hades from kid icarus uprising!

  4. The honorable mention for me comes from someone Gaijin Goomba himself covered, Specter Knight from Shovel Knight but more specifically his playable version from Specter of Torment. In life as Donovan, he used a short sword and held it in the way some of the ninja listed did for quick slashes and his only subweapon in life was caltrops. Come when he became an undead, he got some of the more mystical tropes of ninja; the mirror for making shadow clones, but there were also his two different sets of throwing sickles which have been confirmed to be the more easier to acquire ninja weapons and a set of claws which were also part of the tools ninja could possibly have.

  5. There's something else Gaijin Goomba said at one point. In the olden days, ninja would wear blue to blend into the night sky, as you pointed out. However, as electronic lights became more prevalent, the night sky darkened. So modern-day ninja wearing black is actually very fitting.

  6. does anyone ever do top 10 monks in games? Not just fighters but specifically monks.

  7. This was great list and introduced me to some characters and games that I had heard of which was really cool. When I started watching I was wondering whether the champion from mark of the ninja would make it on the list. The game itself was awesome and nailed both stealth and the feeling of playing as a Ninja but I was unsure how much the character would tick the right ninja boxes as well. He feels like the definitive ninja to me. Though not a factor in how good a ninja he is, watching as he slowly loses his mind to the tattoos was brilliant in how subtle it was. It wasn't a random acid trip, it was a gradual erosion of sanity that you learn had started from the very beginning yet right to the end he remains stoic and duty bound. The problem is that in his mind his duty is to the tradition of the clan, so when they are shown abandoning those traditions they become as much an enemy as the security company

  8. The true way of the shinobi was not in killing those who stood in your way, but instead… simply FOOLing them.

    Smooth move, Oscar.

  9. Throughout the whole list, I'd been wondering, "Where is Mark of the Ninja going to end up?" And I must say…

  10. This is as good a place as any to mention one of the best ninja in anime: Volfogg. As the primary reconnaissance unit of the Gutsy Geoid Guard, Volfogg’s predominant duty is to gather data on Zonders and their potential victims, as well as any relevant information with which to pacify them. His secondary duty is the overseeing and protection of special agent Mamoru Amami, the only one who can purify human Zonders. That’s literally two of the big points brought up repeatedly in this countdown right off the bat. But don’t worry, he’s got plenty of the anime flash in that he’s a giant robot that turns into a police car and can combine with two smaller drones, a helicopter with a falcon motif and a motorcycle with a Doberman motif, to become Big Volfogg. I’ll end the description here to see who all knows what I’m talking about.

  11. If I had to give an honorable mention it would be Yoshimitsu.

    The guy whose story is reminiscent of Goemon Ishikawa as a robin hood thief, the clan is named the manji clan, its leaders are a long line of identically named guys, called Yoshimitsu, who we learn in SC5 that the younger kills the older to get the name and loses the arm in the process, completing the illusion of we have no idea who is who (though it could explain the increase of skill and change of moves with each iteration), spanning multiple games and two gaming franchises, ties to Oda Nobunaga and his purge of the Iga as Yoshimitsu's clan was also massacarred by Nobunaga, skileld with unconventional weapons (his back flag in Soul Calibur) and master trickster inside the games he is in.

    True there is a bit of the mysticism aspect of things, witth the cursed sword but still, I think they deserve a mention.

  12. As I was rewatching the list, I started to think that Steamax from Neptunia… kinda fits for robot ninja standards.

    While AffimaX is themed after a secret organization, they're actually a very biased news source. Steamax is the second-in-command and is the one charged with gathering rumors, procuring a game console and finding r-18 content. His entire body is a shade of blue and has the uncanny ability to not stand out in a crowd.

    In battle he comes equipped with a fuma shuriken that can be destroyed and a short blade for coverage. After the first battle, he actually weaponizes the porn he's been gathering by scattering pages in order to distract the Planeptune crew. While that didn't fully work out after he got caught while escaping, he's more successful when stealing from the true villain as she's monologuing.

    Even after the game's over, he's still gathering information for the GeneralSummarySite.

    Steamax is also part of the Steeme legion (surprisingly not the leader) in the Senran Kagura crossover and got a unique boss theme in VIIR.

  13. Few things
    #1 kinda bummed there was no mention of the Tenchu games
    #2 Impa's Shinobi tasks are also shown in the gameboy games. Such as being secretly charged with protecting an inportant figure by disguising herself as just another part of the group. Then inspecting Link before trusting him with information.

  14. I would’ve been real disappointed if Scorpion didn’t get on the list 😂

    Moreso because… well, you could probably guess.

  15. Great video, love the stealth drop, I only wish that Isekai Showdown's Mirage was somehow mentioned in the fighting game segment. I know its a bit of an obscure title but she really shows some promise. 😉

  16. Hehe, I'm sure the Goombah appreciates the attention :3

  17. I'm not to sure about the last bit with Kawakami-san. I'm subscribed to the Nindo channel where he is often found on Youtube and he is teaching classes, recent video shows a clip of him doing so. It's entirely possible he pulled a ninja trick…and lied about not teaching a new person to take over after he is gone. That could just be me being hopeful he won't allow such esoteric secrets that were passed by word of mouth to just…vanish into the ether, but since it's highly likely ninja themselves spread rumors about their own 'mystic powers' to manipulate people, it wouldn't be too far fetched for him to say he's going to let the teachings die with him…and actually train someone in secret so that the knowledge doesn't die when he does.

  18. There is also a certain element to modern ninja depicted in black and that is light pollution. Modern cities have an abundance of light sources, turning surroundings into either full shadowed or fully lighten up, making full black a viable choice for blending in.

    Also while i know that tidbit of the last ninja master deciding to let the teachings vanish into the annals of history, i both agree and disagree with him.
    I agree that the ninja wouldn`t really last into modern times due to the way the world changed.
    But on the other hand, i think that when you break down the core values of the ninja, there are many lessons that are not only timeless, but very universal and are either taught in other context or should be taught. I think Ninjutsu could make the full transition from a way of life into a unique martial art.

  19. Batman’s batarangs are shuriken. Not boomerangs.

  20. Shame there’s no mention of the main character of Monster Hunter Rise since they fit all the criteria of being a Shinobi:
    -Primary outfit is blue
    -Wire bugs acts as the grapple hook and the game features a lot of wall running
    -Medicine Box is a given because Monster Hunter
    -They technically do have writing utensils to draw
    -Some armor pieces include a bamboo hat
    -Finally they have a scarf

    Bonus: It introduces the Palamute companion: a Dog partner

  21. to Copy Jotaro when I saw Number 1: YES, YES, YES, YES, YES… YES!!!!!

  22. Even though its not on this list, Greninja from the Pokémon franchise has some pretty good references to ninja:
    • Its Japanese name Gekkouga has the word Kouga in its name, referring to the Koga-Ryu Ninja Clan
    • Its tongue is a reference to how in media, ninja scarves are left dangling after being tied around the face.
    • Its puffy legs and frog feet are a reference to the ninja garb; hakama and tabi respectively.
    • Its signature move, Water Shuriken, with its +1 priority and low base damage of 15 functions similarly to how actual shurikens work.(incapacitating or distraction for fleeing and dealing the killing blow)
    • Spikes and Toxic Spikes functioned similarly to actual caltrops called makibishi to dissuade entry.
    • Smokescreen to blind enemies (in this case, for infiltration)
    • Double Team = Bushin No Jutsu
    • Substitute = Kariwimi No Jutsu (Strange Character Technique) = using a strange prop (log) to fool enemy guards into attacking.
    • Grass Knot = the belief that ninjas can tie long blades of grass to trip enemies that are chasing.
    • Extrasensory = the belief that ninjas rely on a sixth sense to detect enemies so that they can react accordingly.
    • Its ability, Protean, makes it able to turn into any type when using any move similar to how shinobi will wear different disguises when on an innin mission.

    And that's not even getting into the fact that Greninja being a Ninja Frog is a reference to Jiraiya from The Tale of The Gallant Jiraiya.

    So while the Kalos Starter is not a "ninja" in the most traditional sense, I applaud Gamefreak for doing some research and putting all of those references into one Pokémon.

  23. Dunno why Still wanna See Glasses or Sunglasses (Shares),
    In TOP List…

    Ether Just Fighting games, Or Other games As Well…

    Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage, Albert Wesker, K'Dash, Raven,
    Duke Nukem, Charlie Nash, Bayonetta,
    Travis Touchdown, Adam Jensen, Gordon Freeman.
    I know List of 2 Different Versions of Ghasses.
    But Still…

  24. One of my most favorite kunoichi in games is Kurenai from Red Ninja: End of Honor and this game actually gets what it means to be a an actual kunoichi correct as the game a good chunk of the time punishes players for going into actual combat, but rewards players for doing stealth kills, the shuriken, and kunai aren't weapons that kill but more tools that can do damage used for distraction, along with having a blow-dart with poison darts in her arsenal which is historically accurate as a actual shinobi would have a blow-dart with darts that are coated in poison usually the poison naturally found in puffer-fish for silent assassinations, and Kurenai can actually use her "assets" to lure enemies closer in order to pull off stealth kills which was a actual tactic real-life kunoichi would use basically one of the key things a kunoichi would be trained in doing is using her "sexiness" in order to not only lure enemies in for stealth kills but also for tricking them into revealing certain classified info, and 9 times out of 10 a drunk noble with sex on the brain who sees a sexy girl come towards him and asks him questions he's probably answering any and all questions.

  25. shame the Tenchu series isn't mentioned on this list, you want real ninja game play there you go. Heck Seikiro was actually going to be a Tenchu game originally but they decided against that and made it's own thing though it can be seen as a spiritual successor.

  26. Goh the Crow from Shinobido – Way of the Ninja is the best video game Ninja

  27. You forgot Saizo from Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright, remember when you said that ninja often used Shuriken as close range knives, well look at his animation when he attacks an enemy at close range

    his skills also include Poison Strike, which references how Ninja would poison & disorientate enemies, & Lethality in which he instantly kills an enemy much like how a ninja would assassinate targets

    His father was even killed by a rival ninja clan

  28. Sorry you know I have to buddy but Akuma means demon and Oni means ogre. Besides that fantastic video friend!

  29. I got a special mention. They may not be shinobi in name. But they are DEFINITELY shinobi in function and methods.

    I'm talking about Persona 5's Phantom Theives.

  30. The second I heard Oscar mention Gaijin Goombah, I KNEW who #1 was going to be… XD

  31. Akali's tools are more for utility than damage… until she two shots you with e+q

  32. Honestly Snikch from Total War Warhammer ain’t that bad of a ninja. If we ignore everything he does on the battlefield, his campaign mechanics could give us an insight how a (fantasy) ninja clan would operate in politics.

  33. Hanzo is even in Senran Kagura he's the Grandfather of Asuka leader of Get this ….. Team HANZO

  34. Note on number 1, the game actually has surprisingly minimal actual assassination if you play it purely as stealth. It's harder but each successful undetected mission without kills is automatically given essentially max scores (probably because bodies, hidden though they may be, will be evidence of your passing).

  35. How about Lucia from DMC 2? I know she doesn’t wear blue or black but she is however ninja like. Do you agree?

  36. Watching this, I best see the boy sekiro on here

  37. One thing to mention for me, for 'ninja' stories set in modern-day, it's more about what tools they would use. A bow and arrow might not as practical as a silenced sniper-rifle.

  38. Funny this vids pops up as i start watching that Netflix show House of Ninja

  39. Ryu is a cool start for that list, but there's one thing he never could that Joe Musashi did: Beat Spiderman! Who is also Batman. Or Devilman, depending on the version of Revenge of Shinobi 3.
    Joe: … Yes, it's as bizarre as it sounds! I even fought Godzilla and Terminator!

  40. An honorable mention from me goes to Shadow from Cyber-Shadow.

    While yes his order did exist in modern times, it's not a case of secretly being around for centuries to influence the world. The clan largely acted more as a secret service for Mecha City, serving as peacekeepers and dispatching rogue machines.

    Then everything went to shit and most of the clan was wiped out save for a mere handful of them, which were captured and/or mechanized.

    Shadow is, as you'd expect, a cybernetic ninja. While he largely lacks the ninja toolkit, he compensates for that with his clan's gift for spiritual manipulation, in that they do play more toward the fantastical elemental manipulation through their own spirit energy. Shadow does this by channeling it to form shurikens or incendiary kunai, launching fire bursts from his sword, or triggering short-range explosions with downward thrusts. The rest of the abilities he gets are the usual exploration affair, wall jumping, dashing to get over larger gaps (which can be chained by dashing through enemies), etc.

    While The Messenger starts as an A to B platformer and turns into a Metroidvania, Cyber-Shadow sits somewhere in the middle. It is largely an A to B platformer, with the option to revisit past areas once you unlock more upgrades.

    Like with the ninjas on this list, combat needs to be done carefully especially against the bosses (or all of the time if you're gunning for the 'Born Ready' achievement, which is playing the game without picking up any health or SP upgrades), as a few bad hits or a misstep can very easily fuck your day over.

    Another instance where this is emphasized is when Shadow has to infiltrate Mecha City's robot factory. The enemies aren't plentiful, but you need to make sure not to trigger any trip lasers, as the factory's security system will very likely rip you a new one if you do, because it will throw a lot at you. Maybe you'll get lucky and survive long enough for tbe alert to pass, but you're also going to be down by a lot of your health.

    I know "Real ninja wear blue 🎶" but Mecha City is largely without any light, which means Shadow's black ninja garb won't be a hinderance, though there is a hidden area where you can change the color of his garb, yes even blue.

  41. @The Green Scorpion Are you saying real shinobi can't wear blue, I know two Shinobi who wear blue. Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat) and Hattori Hanzo (Sengoku Musou).

  42. @Green Scorpion Honorable mentions: Ogawa Ken (Ninja Blade) and Yoshimitsu (Soul Swords series & Tekken series).

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