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Turkey Ninja – Thanksgiving Virtual Fitness Workout (Get Active Games)

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If you enjoyed our Pumpkin Punch game, you’ll love this fun Thanksgiving themed fitness game! Chop vegetables, smash potatoes, kick ninjas, and watch out for the “Turkey Ninja!” This will get the whole family moving for a fun fall workout challenge. These fitness games are great to share on a projector, tv screen, or in Zoom/Google classroom for physical education, PE, martial arts classes, or at home for a fun workout!

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  1. Love it Coach! Kids are going to go crazy

  2. Absolutely awsosme! My students (and me lol) love all your videos but this one takes the cake! Please keep them comming!

  3. Thank you for making these! My students love them!!!

  4. These are amazing!!! The kids keep asking for more! Thank you!!!

  5. Thank you! I have been using your video for some in person and online classes. The kids love them!

  6. YAY!!!! I can't wait to play with my students!!!! I teach secondary level APE classes and we all (paras, teachers, and students) love playing your videos. Great workout and working on matching the word to the movement. Thank you!!!! ❤

  7. Awesome! Already played it today and ss love it!

  8. I really want to use this but I have a dumb question…what would we do for chop? and for smash? I can see what chopping may look like but not sure about smash. Thanks!

  9. The Boss fight is the best. Please keep doing those, the kids really respond to that part.

  10. My kiddos love this!! Thanks so much! I you don't mind me asking, what program do you use to make these?

  11. Love this! So do the kids 🙂 Thank you!

  12. I have done this with my 2-5 graders virtual today, and they loved it


  14. So fun! Looking forward to using these with my students! Thank you!

  15. My p.e. Teacher showed me this. It’s awesome. Keep up with the good work!

  16. Thank you so much RSD for sharing these complimentary Virtual Drills! Thought we would not need them anymore, however with students on and off site, they have come in very useful.

  17. Lol my gym teacher sent me this and I’m in 7th grade lmao😂

  18. Loved your vid please reply PS. can you make a turkey ninja 3? I watched the 2nd one too!

  19. My PE teacher made me watch this I’m 10 but it’s actually fun…

  20. My 1st grader’s PE teacher had the kids do this. So much fun and gets your heart rate up. As an adult, I’ve started incorporating this into my workout routine.

  21. I hate P.E but are gym teacher made me do this at home and I really like it

  22. omg my class was waving all your videos and we and my techer lovded

  23. My teacher sent this to me but its awesome!

  24. I love turkey ninja it is so fun

  25. Omg this is so awesome! Yesterday my P.E students L OVED it!

  26. No, your "get active games are so hard, when i do them, i immediately start sweating and i complain about sweat, so like can you make them a little bit easier plz

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