UMP CAM! What it's like to hit against Paul Skenes ... the Next Great ACE -

UMP CAM! What it’s like to hit against Paul Skenes … the Next Great ACE

Pitching Ninja
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My filthiest pitches including

Blake Snell
Braxton Garrett
Joe Ryan
Paul Skenes from ump cam !
Rhett Lowder
Bryce Elder
Aroldis Chapman and more

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  1. If i had a $ for every "Next Ace" ……lets see how he does first

  2. There was a few on the home plate view that hitters must've just guess completely wrong and not picked up the ball out of his hand at all lmaooo the one you could tell was gonna be 6 inches off the plate immediately and dude still swung

  3. New nickname for skenes: bayou, because his pitches always go by you and he's pitching for lsu

  4. That college matchup looked like Dustin May vs Strider

  5. Braxton Garret is so Damn good hope he can stay a marlin for a while

  6. nothing like good old Davey Martinez laying on home plate yelling at the umps😂

  7. Reds should try to get Chapman back after all star game. Everyone loved him while he was there and not only can he be a monster setup but can also fill in for alexis Diaz who is currently being spammed relentlessly😅. Not to mention both team and Chapman are having an incredible bounce back year

  8. Last night was the best pitching duel of the year. Both Skenes and Lowder were in the zone. Also, with the #1 and #2 MLB draft prospects on the team, along with Tommy White, Tre Morgan is the team captain. He's the best fielding first baseman by a wide margin in LSU history.

  9. You really can't pass up on Crews if you're the pirates! (Nats fan)

  10. Nice!!! Had Garrett and Snell in my Starting lineup

  11. Braxton Garrett is an all star this year, has been Miami’s most consistent starter

  12. Loving your videos! Keep it up I watch everyday! I also love seeing my guy Matt Brash put JRam on his ass in the intro XD

  13. Most teams don't win trades with the Rays, but the Twins heist them badly, giving up Cruz for Joe Ryan when they knew Cruz was falling off.

  14. Please tell me the Elder Rolls is a play on Elder Scrolls XD

  15. I still say I'd draft Dylan Crews
    Snell is almost single handedly keeping the Padres hopes alive

  16. whose pitching motion does skenes remind you of?

  17. Says you don’t need to have Jomboy lip reading then precedes to talk over half the recording.. 😂

  18. “you might take a fastball right down the dick”- Pitching Ninja

  19. Gotta hate them fast balls right down the dick tho. Damn.

  20. Chapman is really sitting down, loading it in and staying shut brah.

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