Digital Marketing Is No Longer About Products, It’s About Buying A Better Version Of Yourself

by Brianna Wiest, ForbesWomen

When Fyre Festival was first announced, it gained traction from those infamous “orange squares,” posted by some of the world’s most significant influencers. The strategy? Make the event mysterious and exclusive. It wasn’t just about a party. It was about being someone who could afford to attend that party. Initially, it worked. It was also a viral photo of a cheese sandwich that undid all of that before the remainder of the reality was revealed. No longer was it a status symbol.

There’s a reason why people tend to universally love accounts like Humans of New York, which has required no marketing to gain traction and reach. There’s a reason why #EffYourBeautyStandards is a siren call for empowerment, and when the KarJenners post sponsored social media posts peddling diet products, it’s often image-tainting.

“Change equals opportunity. Consumer burnout equals consumer shakeup. The brands who are winning are those who are telling their stories through adding actual value, particularly through video and Instagram stories.”

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