Using NINJA HACKS To Cheat In Minecraft! -

Using NINJA HACKS To Cheat In Minecraft!

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I use special HACKS to become the best ninja!
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  1. The fact that it's only been a day she alr has 1.7m views and she has been making me un-scared and I've been happy to not die and see her everyday instead of not watching this masterpiece she keeps making fr and I can't anymore that she is so good I'm her ever biggest fan and she's not like those people who puts
    " Sub? No follow? No? Share?! No? Well it okay"
    I'm like ugh this keeps happening and I find her and I keep smiling and crying in tears of joyness!! And btw the people that keep putting * sub? No? Follow? No? Share;? No? That's okay!…"
    Means that they want u to feel bad so they can be popular and makes u sub so don't fall for it she isn't like those ones

  2. Love the parentage switch up and those slashing sounds are much more deadly sounding. Don't Ninja hack anyway?

  3. I like zane said in the last to apmaus father zombie !

  4. Congrat Aphmau reached 11m subscribers🎉🎉 idk if you know that?

  5. 17:00, aphmau sees ein and noi eating cake suddenly she became the seeker
    17:28, Zane – welp sounds like a son disappointing me!

  6. Aphmau dont cheat ninjas dont cheat if you cheat pvp on

  7. In the porkor you made a pp🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  8. I love the video, but, isn't cheating in Minecraft bad?

  9. Gurunya nggak punya akhlak membunuh ayahnya kakap atau guru nggak ada akhlak kayak gitu ayahnya kak apa

    Me: but…ein…..uhm you cheated too…

  11. the tragic backstory

    dun dun dunnnnnn

  12. Aphmau in MineCraft I sent you a friend request my gamertag is Bella TBx
    Tell KC I have sent a friend request for her too
    My sister will send you one too her gamertag is PoppiTB
    P.S we might not be able to stay on your sever for long because we live in Australia

  13. I love how Aphmaus dad always interrupts her

  14. Love her she's the best I like her movies she's always here I watch them every day every time but sometimes I go to school

  15. I still watch aphmau today and I am new in comments

  16. I got my memow plush yesterday . I got soda cat

  17. I love how she makes videos for us everyone

  18. It was really funny when zane thoughted that aphmaus dad was a zombie hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Hey aphmau im a fan and i love your aphmeow plushies and i cant buy it cause were poor but im alway be your fan aph 😔❤️💜💜

  20. Absolutely best YouTuber I have your merch and I subed to your chanell

  21. Can You Make Adopted By Power Rangers Rpm And Adopt By Glamrock Aminotraics

  22. I like how her dad just pops his head out and interrupt her🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. hahahaha zane is ein dad now tht is funny

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