Virus Ninja Game | Python Turtle Graphics -

Virus Ninja Game | Python Turtle Graphics

Rounak Bhowmik
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Hello everyone. This is a sample demonstration of the Virus Ninja game I made using Python Turtle Graphics.
Please Like, Share and comment on this. I posted this so that someone might get the idea of how this game can be implemented in Turtle Graphics ( captions describe some of the coding ). Many people use Pygame or other embeds to create games but it’s very hard to find tutorials on using Turtle Graphics to create such games in Python. I hope this video will be helpful for anyone who wants to get an idea for games in Turtle (specially beginners).
With proper coding games in Turtle can be made as good as ones made using Pygame. You may ask me in comments if you need help with making the game.

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Song used : Church of 8 Wheels
Artist : Otis McDonald


  1. cool game! can you share the code?

  2. Did COVID give you the idea for this game? Because it's perfect for these time xD. Great job;)

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