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We made a Video Game! Full Play through

The Ninja Fam!
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Who will YOU choose to fight the villains? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I love your guys's videos! You guys are the best! I wish I had the game. It looks so much fun!!!

  2. I love playing as Ashton. He's my favorite.

  3. That was such a cool game you guys have probably worked so hard on it, the voices sounded just like you guys. I can’t believe I started watching you guys when I was 5 and since then you guys have inspired me to become a kind, caring and strong person. I have become captain of my school, a great big sister to my siblings and show kindness to my friends because of your lessons. Thank you for being to awesome. 😎

  4. The Spy Ninjas should have a video game with these exact same graphics.

  5. I love u guys❤ keep up the great work u guys are so inspiring ❤ I remember when u guys we’re still making power ranger videos

    Edit: Please make 1 more power ranger video I miss them😢❤

  6. I remember the shark and all the characters like if you are a fan

  7. The last one of your videos i watched was 2 years agond keep up the great work

  8. Ninja kids I want to tell you that I am in Nigeria 🇳🇬 so I can't buy your Ninja merch

  9. I finished ninja kids time masters it was so fun


  11. i saw the empty from NK Elemental Masters

  12. I love watching ninja kids and my favorite is Payton and Ashton

  13. Can u do other games too. This one was awesome

  14. Bryton is back welcome back missed you all together and u recieved my first brown belt and certifiacte thanks for motivating me guys your the best thanks for being awsome👇❤️

  15. Is it just me or did Payton sound like a baby in the video

  16. The “oh my god” get me 😂😂😂

  17. 0:00: 🎮 A group of friends accidentally time travel while playing a video game and end up in the Middle Ages.
    4:18: 🎮 Gamers are playing a video game and discussing their strategies and experiences while playing.
    8:29: 🎯 A group of players complete a challenge to defeat Iron Fury and earn rewards, while discussing future missions and game availability.
    12:16: 🎮 A chaotic multiplayer game on Steam where players frantically try to survive and help each other.
    16:25: 🎮 Gamers work together to defeat an enemy using bombs, ninja stars, and teamwork.
    20:20: 🎮 A group of friends play a multiplayer game and navigate through different levels, enjoying the challenges and excitement.
    24:52: 🤖 A group of characters fights a tough opponent with the help of Blaster bot and Burgers.
    29:32: 🎮 A group of gamers play a challenging multiplayer game and strive to defeat the final boss, Dr. Disaster.
    34:14: 🕹️ Gamers play a challenging video game and struggle to defeat a tough villain.
    Summary by TammyAIvideo

  18. Who else think that they are the real life version of the ninja turtles

  19. I love your YouTube channel and how do we vote for you

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