when NINJA almost got BANNED for killing his DUO in fortnite.. - brownebrand.com

when NINJA almost got BANNED for killing his DUO in fortnite..

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  1. this is before 70% of Fortnite's population lol

  2. he legit has a blue name above his head hard to fuck up

  3. You’re right because I seen that tiger flying

  4. Bro what I wouldn't give up to go back to the first few seasons of fortnite. I don'teven play it anymore because of how far it's gone. I've tried and I just cant

  5. It has their name lit and it showed his teammate was down .. 000 iq 😭

  6. How does that even happen how blind is this guy

  7. Why did bro act up so late like did bro forget to update?😅💀

  8. when u take friendly fire to a next level

  9. reason ninja was so panicked is cuz during old fortnite, if u killed ur teammate then u get banned (if it wasnt obvious)

  10. Gamer بثوث قنات الثانية 8 says:

    the teammate: Nooo Why you killed me i just started this game😢😢

  11. Bro’s career cud have ended right here

  12. Why did they let you do it if you can get banned for it what kinda logic

  13. Dude was like tf you shutting me i waited to play whit you the hole life

  14. Bro someone never got banned from killing his teammate

  15. It’s weird that it looked so much smoother back then

  16. Bro didn’t even know he killed his teammate 😭💀

  17. Bro was trying to defend 😂😂😂

  18. I miss those graphics and that weapon too dude that weapon was underrated 😭

  19. Im still wondering whether if that player is still playing

  20. People say they miss the bust, you just miss the nostalgia, the burst in reality was shit asf, you couldn't hit shots and you'd be lucky to get a full 3 head burst, new fortnite is good, you just miss the memories old fortnite held

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