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When the Squid Game Doll is scared of the player #shorts

Spy Ninjas Shorts
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  1. i Love you spy ninjas you är My you är My Youtube are

  2. I like the popping bc it is nice for my ears

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I like the thing and I'll repay it your house and really tall Black Ops 4 the hot tub

  5. Cool weapons Chad wild clay you are my favorite spy ninja and V is my favorite spy ninja

  6. The first time I saw her in the house is the only person who was a mistake to this is her cuzzy was like a fukin shmuck that she had enough 😄🙂😜🤪😗🙃😘😜🤪😊😉🙂🤪☺😊😊😘😜

  7. Wow wow that’s so cute and funny 😄 and good

  8. Chad and VY I like your videos everyday I watch it❤

  9. Cwc I been watching you vids sins I was four years old I am 8 now and I love all your tiktocs

  10. Tja wat is jouw feestje gister wat je duwen

  11. squid game more like spy ninja game!!

  12. Good job Chad that’s awesome I don’t think I could do that and it’s really funny these face you should’ve seen it Vy

  13. Haha made me laugh because when it was second time vy turned around then look at Chad's face camera was zooming to see Chad face like 😯

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