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Why Ninja Blocked IShowSpeed…

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  1. Ronaldo fans gets offended when somebody thinks messi is better

  2. Even Tom Holland can't reach speeds leaking record

  3. Bro this nigga speed worried about other people opinions like bruh some people like different stuff than u do

  4. Why does Drake and Travis Scott have discord…

  5. I don't even know why anyone would watch that idiot

  6. It’s a discord server he don’t need it that bad he needs to touch grass

  7. Ok i though you were over exaturaing again but this time ninja isn't going to play with him

  8. Another reason why Ronaldo fans are toxic. Also one of the reasons I hate speed

  9. Nah if anything, Nick Eh is the second best, ninja is unbeatable.
    I don’t like fortnite as much now, but I remember how good ninja is at the game, and he still is.

  10. IshowMeat

  11. Toughen up speed better anyway 😂😂

  12. It’s so easy to fix though. If you have a Level 3 boost, then you have a custom link name for the Discord. Then just don’t leak that one. I don’t know why he deleted it

  13. King of whaaat?? Seriously hahahaha😂😂😂😂

  14. There’s a reason he has ishow in his name. From meat, to contacts, nothing is safe from him leaking it

  15. That's what you call a true Ronaldo fan😂😂😂

  16. It’s honestly sad the fact that bc of speed’s immaturity that Ninja had to face the consequences of speed’s immaturity bc of a celebrity

  17. Bro ninja could’ve just deleted all members that joined on that day I don’t think he could change the invite link tho

  18. Speed is just the wrong guy to hang out with tbh

  19. You forgot to say it was on accident you making speed look bad

  20. Noooooooo I love speed😢😢😭😭🥺😔

  21. Speed is such a loser 😂 idk how u guys find him funny, cringe asf at this point

  22. Bro turned to ishowspeed to ishowmeat to ishowleak

  23. Ninja should have checked ahead of time that Speed hid his screen.

  24. Not his fanboys saying “Just apologise, it was just a mistake” like he didn’t just doxx him.

  25. Sppeed suck ninja 🥷 rooooollllls he goaaaaaat bring back the discord

  26. Speed is still a thing? I guess so since the only thing i saw him in was i. One of those side man videos but never thought of him as any one good to watch

  27. Literally so many great personalities in one server and it's now gone cuz of speed 😅

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