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Why Ninja Gaiden Black is the Best Pure Action Game – Video Column

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While we’ve seen modern sequels and reimaginings of classic series like God of War, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta, there’s one 3D action game pioneer that still has not seen a new entry in over a decade: Ninja Gaiden, the best pure action game of all time.


  1. I’d love another shinobi game like the one that came out on PS2

  2. Arent they rumoured to be making a new one of these?

  3. The only thing that aged horribly in black and curb stomped my enjoyment in it is the camera
    Its horrendous, it’s tedious and its a serious dilemma
    Other than that its fair and enjoyable more than most games of this day
    Ninja gaiden black is definitely in need to come back
    To show these “git gud” wannabes who the real boss is

  4. best game??? meh, the game is so clunky as hell, the combat is so unenjoyable and not fun at all

  5. Ninja Gaiden Sigma did fix some issues like healing items

  6. Disgusting this doesn't have a proper remake or just a whole new story or game, definitely a market for these games again

  7. Ninja Gaiden brings memories of Rage and Honor. Love them all!

  8. The camera looks like it makes problems though

  9. Bought the original Xbox just for this game all those years ago.

    Still have this game on my Series X now.
    The combat is so toit

  10. This franchise will forever be goated in my eyes🙌🏾🤞🏾

  11. Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta & The Wonderful 101. The holy trinity of action games!

  12. It could only be a Mitchell Saltzman video. Keep championing Ninja Gaiden bro

  13. Team Ninja makes combat better than anyone. HIghly recommend the Nioh games (some of of the best games ever) and Wo Long.

  14. Would love to see a play through with 0 flying swallows

  15. Just replaying again on Very Hard on XSX (the update to resolution and frame rate). This truly is the GOAT. Combat was focus of video but other pros:

    Each new difficulty felt fresh

    The kinda 'resident evil/metroidvania' approach to level design compared to later iterations.

    Light Platforming and puzzles to break up combat. Omission from other iterations.

    So many costumes and unlockables and mission mode.

  16. Completely agree. As someone who LOVES the DMC franchise, Ninja Gaiden Black just hit different.

  17. Growing up NGB was one of my favorite games as a kid. Very sad that we haven't seen any half decent sequels.

  18. not being able to cancel attack animations like in DMC is a negative in my eyes- but yea Ninja Gaiden is almost the best thing ever.

  19. Ryu Hayabusa is one of the greatest ninjas ever!

  20. shinobi and night shade on the ps2, and Tenchu on ps1, was better.

  21. Same with Onimusha 3 and Prince of Persia.. totally forgotten amazing video game series.

  22. For me Devil May Cry series is the best action game.

  23. Wish this video focused on Ninja Gaiden 2, the best game in the series and the last NG game Itagaki created not the Sigma garbage that happened after he left Tecmo.

  24. Hopefully they remake it so that ign and applaud all the things they 'fixed' and give it a higher score then the original

  25. Pepperidge Farm remembers when IGN gave Ninja Gaiden 3 a 3/10…

  26. ninja gaiden 2 is the original game that introduced finisher move to low health or dismembered enemy, in a way, nioh, sop and wolong are it's successor

  27. Ninja Gaiden 2 is my jam. That staircase in the underworld is my favorite spot. Ther wer so meny ninja that the game slowed down on. Then on the next Jen it got crazy. Cus everything ran smooth and you're brane had to speed up lol

  28. The only closest we can get to a modern implementation are the hayabusa ancestors from nioh 1 & 2

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