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Why Ninja’s Career Died (Fortnite)

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Ninja was the undisputed King of Fortnite Battle Royale. There’s no doubt about it. Ninja went from 100,000 to 20,000,000 Subscribers in the space of only a year, while setting multiple world records on Twitch, and still remains as the number #1 most followed streamer on the site by almost double second place. However, Ninja’s Career has certainly been short lived. Over the last 3 years, his presence has faded dramatically. The Downfall of Fortnite battle Royale has been one of the main factors, but there are numerous other poor decisions that have played into Ninja’s eventual demise.

This is, Why Ninja’s Career Died

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  1. Since when is a 50 million dollar deal not worth it 😂

  2. clearly he doesn't care about streaming or being creator especially after making as much money as he did

  3. That final line bro was so unnecessarily hard. 😧what did ninja do so wrong to deserve this much hate?

  4. It baffles me that someone can make 5 million dollars a month by sitting on their bum and playing video games meant for 13 year olds. Meanwhile, I’m out here working 14 hour shifts to make ends meet. What’s wrong with our economy?

  5. Wait I thought Pokimane was the number 1 Fortnite player

  6. I feel like when Fortnite started to fail Ninja failed also

  7. He isn't dead , but all the kids he appealed to just grew up 🤷🏼‍♂️

  8. His decisions honestly make sense. It's exactly what I would do. Once you have 100M+ dollars why would you continue to work instead of just enjoying yourself.

  9. I dont know this ninja dude, but have other people actually made videos about him using the same thumbnail twice?

  10. I don't watch Ninja, with this video I clearly can't see anything wrong done by Ninja. I guess when your time runs out there is less you can do about it.

  11. I mean, dude is still killing it. This video is strange

  12. Btw Ninja taking that Mixer deal has been the best thing for all streamers. Look at streamer income before Ninja took that deal, and look at it after. Dude is the goat of streaming and EVERY streamer benefitted from it.

  13. He made a big load of money, and decided to stop, that's about what happened. It seems more like he is bailing out, as you said at the end, he knew his career wouldn't last long, he just doesn't want to put in the effort and opt for a quick cash in bail out.
    This and the whole family friendly thing, is pretty wise for me, he got enough, and get out of the internet's view slowly without any obvious thing to be hated on. He already got what he needed, if he wanted to be lazy and takes a lot of ad, so be it, that's his choice.

  14. I don’t think his career is over. First things first Fortnite is not even a kids game. Therefore, he should have never try to commercialize it as one is what seems to have ruined everything. He could still make a comeback. It’s actually not that hard.

  15. I think that Ninja might have gotten sidetracked but overall sponsors are what typically make celebs, athletes, etc. the most money. He has a lot of wealth and definitely has other viable options available to him so his career isn't over. Anyhow, this video seemed very personal can you elaborate why?

  16. That woman laughing when he said 'professional video game player', she gets it lol You can't be a professional at playing with childrens toys guys.

  17. Someone one day will also make a video about your downfall 😂brace yourself bro ….

  18. This video would've been better if you didn't sound like ninja personally fucked you over…

  19. I don’t like ninja and I’ve literally never seen anything from him but I hate these vulture youtubers that say people die and fell off when in reality it’s just them having a natural decline over the years from being at the top for so long

  20. Doesn’t matter. The point is to collect your money while your hot before people move on to the next thing and that’s what he did 👏🏾

  21. he a hypocrite. thats why easy enough didnt need to make a video about it.

  22. Not a fan of ninja. But much respect for him. This was the black ops of this generation. It brought him to other players of this generation.

  23. Damn i remember waking up every day and watching his solo squads just looked at his views now the dude can't even get 1m a vid

  24. his channel is dying because the only game he plays is fortnite

  25. Hell i'm on rogaine, bleaching my hair and combing it over and depressed. It happens.

  26. Your content is so amazing. thank you so much for these informational videos!! 💥💥😱😱🤯🤯🥳🥳❤❤

  27. "Tank" my career for 50 mil and return to a less stressful streaming gig? No problem!

  28. This was just a hate video … the dude is still worth 40 million his prime may be over but no streamers prime last long.. he’s had the greatest solo career out of any streamer pay homage

  29. Where all this 1 month old comments came from

  30. He looks like Jeoffrey from game of thrones and sounds like him

  31. the thing with creators that grow on a single game is that they are not gonna last long. Take the among us youtubers for an example

  32. sunny bro your gonna have to make a video on your self looking at these comments really ripping on you

  33. people that dye their hair are making a huge mistake, never would i.

  34. 11:00 your personal opinion was wrong and unneeded. why are you insulting him for going to mixer? who doesn't want competition. guess your private hatred says a lot about you.

  35. if there's one thing we can agree on, ninja>sunnyv2. you hating him for leaving twitch shows you're a tribalist.

  36. Say what you want about ninja… but you can’t say that man ain’t wealthy ash. I’m glad he ventured off to do brand deals and shit like that, cause obviously twitch or live streaming isn’t forever nor does he prolly even wanna do it forever. He’s prolly set for a good while, maybe even for life.

  37. So did he keep the 50 million mixer gave them after they folded?

  38. I find it funny how people keep commenting how this is some sort of Ninja hate video by SunnyV2, how does that make any sense?

  39. I would like Ninja If i like watching peeps play fortnite. I wouldnt definitly hate, because hes just trying to make people happy and fortnites average playerbase now dropped to like the kiddies so ofcourse he cant teach kids to be cursing and we all need money to survive.

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