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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – 10 Minutes of Exclusive New Gameplay | IGN First

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Check out 10 minutes of exclusive new gameplay from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, the upcoming soulsborne action-RPG from Team Ninja (makers of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden) as our month of exclusive IGN First coverage kicks off. Wo Long will be released on March 3 for Xbox platforms (including Xbox Game Pass on day one), PlayStation platforms, and PC.

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  1. Love seeing those Evolutions of revenge… Destroying em after dying so many times xD

  2. Why are all souls games so damn hard😂😂😂

  3. So happy for this to be on game pass, would of bought it even if it wasn’t

  4. Ooh, this makes me wish we could get more Ninja Gaiden games as well

  5. The graphics kinda seem like a downgrade from Nioh 2. I prob won’t notice since I’ll be focusing on trying to not die 🤣

  6. Maybe I'm missing something but exactly is different here that sets it apart just nioh with a new background

  7. Maybe I'm missing something but exactly is different here that sets it apart just nioh with a new background

  8. When in combat do you have to hit R1 (if playing on PS) to lock onto the target/enemy?

  9. not worth for the money. too expensive and the game is not great.

  10. кусок КОРИДОРНОГО дерьма для ОДНОКЛЕТОЧНЫХ ЖИРНЫХ ФАСТФУДНЫХ ПОДПИВАСНЫХ консольщиков(с маленькой буквы)

  11. This is awesome 🦾🦾from a gamer sinds 1988

  12. Lispy narrator, shitty player, washed out looking graphics.

  13. I'm just not seeing the hype, I'm hopeful though..

  14. Seems like a great game so far, I’m just not a fan of the health bar in the middle of the screen.

  15. Nioh with a twist of shadows die. Love both niohs! But could not get into shadows. Not sure what it was. Ghost of tsushima though! The best!

  16. Honestly, watching this just makes me want to play Sekiro again. Give us Sekiro DLC dammit!

  17. Looks like the same old grindy hack and slash we've seen hundreds of times before.

  18. Its not a soulsborne game if its not made by fromsoftware. Simple.

  19. Do you only ever face one enemy at a time? Seems easy as hell… (Coming from someone currently on a No kuro demon bell run on Sekiro. NG.)

  20. Stereo-Typical of IGN to have Asian guy to review a video game based off the Three Kingdoms of China lol

  21. hopefully you can change it, it does seem distracting in the middle for me.

  22. Cant wait to play and upload this games😊

  23. Is it just me or does this look dated graphically…. the bloom reminds me of the ps3 and the textures look washed out and flat.

  24. The unrealistic amount of blood that comes out of enemies with every single hit feels cheap.

  25. Seems like they design some levels and left some different enemies in the map to kill which don't impress you.

  26. team ninja? as in team ninja who made ng on xbox?

    that would be so dope is there was a hidden ryu hayabusa costume/weapons/skills in this game

  27. The level design reminds me of a PS2/Xbox era styled game. Mom, can we get Sekiro? No, honey, we have Sekiro at home. At least the fighting seems that way… Comparing this to Sekiro, Sekiro has way more to offer in terms of combat, environment, sound and graphic design. Not at all saying that this game looks bad, it just looks like a lighter version of something that already exists.

  28. Is this game cross platform PC-PS5 to play online ??

  29. I've playing this game since it came out & let me tell you it is fantastic. Great combat system, create your own build, invite friends or matchmake and have people join on you or vice versa. It has great graphics and overall just really fun. Love it💚

  30. First boss battle speedrun gonna be insane

  31. onimusha with better graphics but less imagination …

  32. is the sound comes from an old crt tv or what?

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