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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Team Ninja Talks Soulsborne Influence and More

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Team Ninja producer Masaaki Yamagiwa discusses how the studio, most famous for Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, and most recently Nioh, came to make a dark-fantasy Soulsborne game set in China’s Three Kingdoms period.


  1. Will it also be heading to PS5 or xbox only?

  2. Dynasty Warriors with non-paper mache enemies?

  3. Guess we're not getting another DoA or Ninja Gaiden…

  4. imo team ninja really took their own spin on the souls genre and improved upon it aswell. Really curious how this one will turn out and by the sound of it it might feel a bit more like ninja gaiden again.

  5. Can't wait for this, it looks amazing
    Team ninja knows how to make adrinaline games like Nioh series.
    Nioh man that was one hell of a game specially nioh 2

  6. Nioh with Dynasty Warrior setting…YES PLS!!!

  7. Cant wait for It! Im glad they are making equipment system simpler because It was way complex and time consuming in Nioh, not to mention the overbearing loot.

  8. Loved the Nioh series but very curious about the "shorter" battles and less emphasis on stamina management. Wonder how that plays out

  9. It can’t be a “souls like” game if this is one of the companies that pioneered the niche genre and gameplay style.

  10. 我去,老黄从道长变魔龙啦?真是苍天已死

  11. Xbox gamepass day one 🤯🤯🤯🤯 awesome

  12. No gameplay shown,just talk ! Save your time !

  13. My thoughts are it’s dynasty warriors and sekiro combat with noir and bloodborne gameplay. I’m not sure if onimusha was Japan or Chinese. It should be a modernized onimusha cause they said faster combat.

  14. They forgot to mention that wo long is also a nick name for zhuge liang.

  15. LETS GOOO. stranger if paradise was amazing. Team ninja is my new favorite dev co.pany. Night 2 us in my top 3 faves if all time

  16. Man if y’all don’t fuckin make Ninja Gaiden 4 already

  17. Why are not they working in ninja gaiden 4? Or in a ramake of ninja gaiden black?

  18. So basically this is going to be there version of a Nioh 2/Dynasty Warrior/Sekiro type of game. I’m pre ordering the most expensive version on this game most definitely I’ve been waiting for another Nioh/Sekiro type of game for a brick

  19. Imma call it now…..we getting WuKong as DLC at some point during this game lifespan.😂😂

  20. Team Ninja makes the best action games. Can't wait for this one!

  21. Really wanted a nioh 3 but this seems just as cool with the Chinese lore and multiplayer co-op aspect

  22. Howbout more robust co-op. ‘Active’ co-op isn’t what everyone needs, howabout better co-op menus and standbys

  23. This better be set in the same universe

  24. The only developers to take direct influence from fromsoft and succeed

  25. Find it kinda weird that people call it the "Sekiro of NiOh" when Team Ninja was in this biz longer than the first Souls game dropped.

  26. That’s some badass music in the background

  27. Looks great but pls have more checkpoints and if u die during a biss fight pms do t start the level again

  28. As someone who puts Nioh 2 in his top 5 games of all time, so freakin hyped

  29. For those who dont know Team Ninja are the OGs..For me ninja Gaiden black and 2 have some of the best combat mechanics in all gaming,love to see theyre going more towards ninja gaiden style..looks like thyre trying to combine Niho with ninja gaiden

  30. My favorite for all time FROMSOFTWARE AND TEAM NINJA ( soulsborne ) ( ninja gaiden nioh )

  31. can some1 pm me this music in the background plz 😀 i love these kind of tracks

  32. Is this just Zhuge Liang when he's young then? Coz damn he's badass LOL

  33. Wow!!!!! A new revised version of NIOH way better…..

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