You won't believe how POWERFUL Ninjas are now post Photon hypernova! | Archtype Analysis -

You won’t believe how POWERFUL Ninjas are now post Photon hypernova! | Archtype Analysis

TheCaliEffect [King Of Games]
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I can’t believe I just did the IMPOSSIBLE with this fearsome Ninja deck…

00:00 Ninja Cali
00:41 Deck Profile
01:34 Duel!

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  1. Love ninjas, but also miss duel challenge

  2. Yo you're legit the funniest yugituber. I come here to always get my updates on the game and to get the best LOLs

  3. KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!! Ninjas are such a fun deck. It's the deck I run at my more casual local. Does pretty well

  4. That first kashtira was a fat misplay… he could have birth to normal Fenrir and then go for Shangri, after that special riseheart and send bigbang which can get Fenrir back from Shangri and use riseheart to go into ariseheart.

  5. Bought a Playset Starlight Mitsu for 50$ each and ulti Hanzo for 30$ each and im glad i did

  6. There's the pendulum lv7 that can ss by revealing ninjitsu card and isn't 1 pt. Why don't I play that?

  7. This build is so bad lol maybe this just isn’t the combo build

  8. I thought Ninjas were flippy bois. This is much better

  9. Ninjas counter Kash the way Exo countered Tear

  10. Cali missed the chance to say "GO NINJA! GO NINJA! GO!"

  11. I wish Cali can help me cause for some reason I can top local I'm always either going 1-2-1, 1-3-0 or 2-2-0 I can't make it pass those results and I made a goal to top local and I can't and I starting to feel like quitting

  12. 4:46 why so mad? you can still summon Mitsu and make a contant fusion with face down hanzo
    7:09 you could add Baku which will special summon itself and grab back the iron digger equip from gy

  13. Lol I ordered basically this exact deck 3 days ago. Only thing I still need to pick up are the pots(still on that hopium train waiting for a reprint)…

  14. I'm on that copium pack, and I really want to see Icejades. Cool video though, and glad to see Ninjas be good forreal.

  15. That was the worst kashtira player I've ever seen

  16. Hello 👋🏻
    Can u do make a profile of Scareclaw with new stuff

  17. Another alternative for the first duel board could be:

    kagero normal -> set hanzo

    mitsu special

    link cross sheep using kagero and mitsu

    equip dagger to cross sheep

    active dagger to banish mitsu and special mitsu set from banish

    fusion summon meizen using hanzo and mitsu (both are set)

    active cross sheep due to meizen and special hanzo from gy

    hanzo search for baku

    baku special active and grab dagger from gy

    link to apollousa using cross, baku and hanzo

    equip dagger to apollousa to prevent smash

    end board

    3 potential monster negates + ash

    and ss from meizen to bring jioh (that opponent ash will be negated by apollousa)

  18. I’m absolutely on board for the ninjas, thanks for the video Cali! Some other options to run for the deck are the new field spell, Tenchi Kaimei, which can destroy an opponent’s card every time a ninja monster deals battle damage. Clears boards super well, and has a bonus effect to revive as many different ninjas from GY as possible if your opponent destroys or banishes the spell. Terrors in the Hidden City isn’t searchable, but it is a continuous spell that protects your face-down monsters from card effect targeting, and when they flip back up they gain 1500 ATK & DEF (including when your opponent tries to attack them). I tend to like these better than some handtraps in the deck.

  19. So glad Ninja Cali didn't get fired 🤘

  20. I had to be the 421st person to like it 😭🥲🫡

  21. Misplays city from both sides lmao
    But it doesnt matter cause NINJA BEST DECK

  22. That intro.. Cali this is why we love you bro. ✊🏿 Funny and always keeping it real.

    Never water yourself down, man! You might not always have the "clean" content that can get you sponsored. But we got you bro!

    Cali is FOR THE PEOPLE!

  23. When I got the new Ninja support in Darkwing Blast. I remember playing against my friends and being thoroughly impressed with how well the deck was doing. Especially after adding in Silver Senior Ninja.

    With the second wave of support? I'm even more excited and impressed. I'm glad my favorite archetype of all time has found a format I'm which it can shine. And the best part? It's affordable and everyone can experience the fun.

    💪🏿 🥷

  24. Played against ninjas last night trounced them with a full power chaos angel with both effects active but it was fun to see them in action.

  25. No 1000 years of death jutsu, can''t give the video more than 7/10.

  26. Ninja deck is cool 4 sure. Pop the transformation card…. you're welcome

  27. no front, but u dont know how to play ninjas tho 😀

  28. “Im in danger” hahahaha wasn’t expecting that one!

  29. “It’s budget” runs 3 prospy 3 thrust


  31. This deck is easily under 15-20 for the core. I may pick it up just for fun 🎉🎉

    Cali doesn’t know the lines but boy this deck has some good lines. You really want to fusion in their turn and then book of moon/negate their monsters 😂

  32. No I can believe it, my locals had 4 ninja players and they runs hands on anyone.

  33. Yo my ninja you on to something 😮been watching your videos lately and out of all the YouTubers you’re very original and unique and a fun guy to watch 😅

  34. yo! check the prices of meizen and mitsu, they are not budget freindly anymore :c

  35. The Don of Games!!!! Lemme find out you plugged Jesse Kotton with the spice!

  36. They will know the fury of Ryu Hayabus- I mean, Meizen.

  37. Tenchi Kaimei is soo broken. Combine it with Meizen andits over

  38. 2:42 when you play against Kashtira for the 30th time in a YCS😂😂😂

  39. What's website did u use for that match duelist book or we?

  40. Whatever happened to Ninja grandmaster Sasuke

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